LOGICO Learning Game

LOGICO is a European educational game for children aged 3 to 9. The LOGICO program consists of 2 levels: LOGICO Primo (age 3 to 6) and LOGICO Piccolo (age 5 to 9). Each version contains an answer board and a series of topics with 16 corresponding learning cards.

Take a look at this video about LOGICO:



(age 3 to 5)

LOGICO Primo has 6 buttons and each learning card has 6 problems to solve. Recommended for pre-schoolers to improve their school readiness.


LOGICO Piccolo

(age 5 to 7)

LOGICO Piccolo has 10 buttons and each learning card has 10 problems to solve. Helps to improve literacy and numeracy skills in a fun way.



LOGICO learning game

There is so much knowledge that adults take for granted such as counting, color recognition, and reading. We also had to learn how to focus on tasks, how to solve problems, and how to apply logical thinking! LOGICO will help your children develop these skills and many more.


LOGICO for teaching

The categorised learning cards comprise a variety of topics from the curriculum and are intended to assist children to develop their abilities in observation, comparison, analysis, and reasoning. Content covers skills such as color and shape recognition, logical thinking and reasoning, spatial and geometrical skills, mathematical concepts and operations, problem solving, and literacy development.


LOGICO at home

Parents love this game for its durability and compact nature. It requires little space for storage and has no loose parts that can be lost! LOGICO will keep children busy when travelling on holiday or on long car trips, and will keep them entertained over dinner in a restaurant.