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Going strong for 25 years! What do educators say about LOGICO?

Dive into the world-renowned learning game that teaches kids to be self-confident and independent as they practice a variety of essential reasoning, logical thinking, and application skills—all while having a blast right both at home and in the classroom!

Parent Review

Elliott used LOGICO and really enjoyed it. He started with the 4+ which kept him entertained for 45 minutes. The next day he asked to do it again so we gave him the 6+ (closer to his age of 5) and again, it was about 45 minutes. He liked how there were counters (“buttons”) to move and a special board to play with and the content was interesting and different. He said "we don’t do anything like this at school, Mummy!" We are going to take it with us when we go on trips or holiday as it is a neat and tidy game we can play (no slime, felt sturdy, lightweight & can dip in and out).

– Kelly, Elliott's mother

Teacher Reviews

We have been using LOGICO in our kindergarten for many years, mainly for children from 3 years and up. So, we refresh our existing stock of LOGICO frames and cards each year. We believe in the LOGICO system because it allows children to work independently and self-checking works really well in our setting. Furthermore, we especially like the range of different topics LOGICO provides. Children really take to these products and they love working with them!

– Gisela Grogorenz, kindergarten director

We use LOGICO from 3 years upwards to support children with independent learning. Children enjoy going through the first few steps with their teacher and they feel very proud when having solved the task independently, by themselves. We would really miss working without your products!

-Andrea Königs, kindergarten teacher

LOGICO in Special Education

I am working at a school with the main focus on ‘Promotion of Mental Development’ in Berlin and I am currently teaching second grade students. I use LOGICO because it is versatile and it allows me to differentiate my lessons and it also helps with the development my schemes of learning. Furthermore, I prefer using LOGICO PRIMO, because LOGICO PICCOLO has proven too complicated for my students as it has more buttons.
My students only use LOGICO for independent work. Amongst other things, it helps students improve problem-solving skills, which works really well with students on the autistic spectrum. At first we had to teach them how LOGICO games work; and in our current phase of learning they are working on being patient as they often get frustrated or impatient, playing and fiddling with the buttons. It is all part of their learning curve! Besides, they are getting better at it and they have proven to be a lot more patient.

– Julia Lange, primary school teacher at a special needs school

I have used LOGICO in primary school at first and second grade, in German and Mathematics classes, in order to help differentiate my work with a mixed ability class setting. We also use LOGICO in other support subjects. With the help of LOGICO, we can challenge and stretch higher performing students and also coach and give one-to-one support to ones who are behind. Students are always happy to play with the ‘buttons’ on the LOGICO frames. Currently, I am teaching fourth grade students, many of them, who already know LOGICO from lower years, are still very enthusiastic about doing work on them. For my German lessons, I have created a reading area in my classroom, using LOGICO learning cards, instead of textbooks.

In my experience, LOGICO helps me support mixed-ability students better as it promotes their individual and independent learning, reducing teaching workload at the same time.

– Miriam Sgraja, primary school teacher

Special Educational Needs Resources Blog Review

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What do we like about it?

Enjoyable for Children- We found that the children genuinely enjoyed playing and learning with the Logico Primo. They loved it’s toy-like appearance--it truly feels like a toy with it’s bright-coloured chunky buttons to move. Children were also engaged by the interesting topics and lovely illustrations. The activities are short, snappy, and fun and keep a young child’s attention. We also noticed the children had a real sense of satisfaction and pride when they completed each card correctly--great for building confidence in learning.

LOGICO for the Elderly

LOGICO has been tried at Harbour Rise Rest Home and Day Care Centre in Paignton, UK. This rest home cares for the elderly, including those with dementia. Staff are keen to engage all residents in activities, in many different ways! LOGICO is one strategy to encourage residents to participate in activities challenging their thinking and logic skills.

LOGICO is very good! The residents who could do it absolutely loved it! The residents who could not do it enjoyed looking at it and interacting with it. It’s all positive!

[LOGICO] is definitely suitable for the elderly! The buttons [on the LOGICO PRIMO frame] are big and easy to push.

– a dedicated care home assistant

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