Pack – Logico Primo Starter Kit – 1 Primo Book + 1 Primo Board


Includes a LOGICO PRIMO frame and one LOGICO PRIMO set of 16 LOGICO PRIMO learning cards.

LOGICO PRIMO: Nature and Animals
Set includes 16 LOGICO PRIMO learning cards.

Help Finki and Pinki count and compare numbers of animals, flowers, and many other things to complete the puzzles by moving the 6 colored buttons to the right places.

Contains: Game-pack Numbers up to 10: 16 learning games, a game board, a theme and
skill guide for parents and educators, Duration 5 minutes. 1+ players. Progressive levels.
Perfect for use at home, at school, outdoors, and during travel.
Help children practice:
• counting and reading numbers up to 10
• comparing quantities
• figuring out number sequences

ISBN: 978-1-772205-493-4