Pack – Logico Piccolo Starter Kit – 1 Piccolo Book + 1 Piccolo Board


Includes a LOGICO PICCOLO frame and one LOGICO PICCOLO set of 16 LOGICO PICCOLO learning cards.

LOGICO PICCOLO: Thinking Skills—Classifying
The LOGICO series “Thinking Skills” offers primary school age children exercises to develop and improve critical and creative thinking. Each LOGICO set in this series is focused on certain thinking activities. This way, teachers and parents can select the item appropriate for the individual child and level.

Game-pack: Thinking Skills—Classifying 16 learning game cards, a game board, a theme and skill guide for parents and educators.
5 minutes. 1+ players. Progressive levels.
Perfect for use at home, at school, outdoors, and during travel.

Help children practice:
• Recognizing categories and matching objects to categories
• Classifying by shape, size and colour and sorting out different objects
• Classifiying by number and colour and soring out different objects

ISBN: 978-1-772205-741-6